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Lea Vitsut bank account in LHV bank
 IBAN EE677700771002011805
Explanation “donation

Help Lea to get the treatment in Moscow, so that she could live full healthy life. Treatment in Moscow will cost 50 000 euros. Lea has urgent need for treatment, because her disease is in final stages when the treatment still can give expected results. She dreams to see her grandchildren, be busy grandmother, walk with her dog and feel the joy of gardening.

if there is something to fight for, you have to fight. This is what I will do! Thank you to all who help me fight for better life.” Lea

% of the goal

The aim of “Help Lea” campaign is to help Lea, who is suffering with the disease multiple sclerosis, to get treatment called hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. The treatment is done in Moscow national Pirogov Medical and Surgical Centre (visit the site).

Video clip of the news site Reporter about Lea`s disease and the possible treatment:

If for some reason Lea cannot get the treatment, she will give the donations back or donate to other sufferers of this disease.

Contact: lea.vitsut(at)